> Greenland Thule & 1 year of my life.


The photo on the cover was taken at midnight with a full sun. I am the dashing figure on the left.

I spent a year at Thule Greenland in 1955-1956 Thule was originally built for use during WWII. My Thule Greenland pages are part of my genealogy and book “Little Jimmy”. So the Greenland pages will also eventually show up on “Little Jimmy” as well. They are protected under copyright laws. The book "Little Jimmy" is part of my scratch in the sand for future generations to know a little of what I have lived. It is I repeat a part of my genealogy, not a great novel.

Much has changed at Thule and to this young 17 year old boy who went into the Air Force in 1955. Like all young men – I knew little about life, but soon the lessons and learning curves were at my door.

Some of the more recent photos you see in this album I borrowed from the Thule Web site you will find at the left, as well as my site Grandpa Jim that is not built as yet. I hope to write a little bit and place some of my story in the Old Timer section. (Note) When a photo is borrowed from another Thule person I will do my best to say so in my Album.

There is much history about Thule Greenland. I will try to put those links with-in my blog and Albums. Please leave comments under your real name or nick name.

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All photos may not be copied or used without my permission. A little like breaking into my home and eating our food.

James Wilson McKinstry