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  • Rio Hondo Texas Air Museum
    Texas Air Museum Rio Hondo, Texas The Texas Air Museum in Rio Hondo closed its operation in Rio Hondo at the end of the business day on Monday, February 28, 2005. The Stinson chapter in San Antonio, Texas and the Caprock chapter in Slaton, TX will continue the work of the organizagion. The pictures linked off this page are of the Rio Hondo chapter of the Texas Air Museum as it was before it closed. See my Album for a few photos I took in 2000. You can now contact . San Antonio, Texas
  • History of the Donner Party C.F. McGlasham - Chapter 8
    The quote below from the history of the Donner Party from chapter 08 always intriged me. I wonder if this Col. McKinstry was connected to my McKinstry family. "Mrs. Tamsen Donner kept a journal, but this, with her paintings and botanical collections, disappeared at the fatal tent on Alder Creek. Mr. Breen's diary alone was preserved. He gave it into Col. McKinstry's possession in the spring of 1847, and on the fourth of September of that year it was published in the Nashville (Tenn.) Whig. A copy of the Whig of that date is furnished by Wm. G. Murphy, of Marysville. Other papers have published garbled extracts from this diary, but none have been reliable. The future history of the events which transpired at the cabins will be narrated in connection with this diary."
  • Genealogy Project for Iowa
    This is a world wide project for genealogy research. Richard Harrison - State Coordinator Constance Diamond - Assistant State Coordinator Karen De Groote-Johnson - Immed. Past State Coord. Greta Thompson - Welcome Hostess Constance McDaniel Hall - Welcome Hostess Mark Christian - Technical Team Leader Greta Thompson has helped me several times on searches in Marion County, Iowa.
  • Brian Wignall
    Artist and much more.
  • Cartoons of Dr. Suess
    No Cartoonist that I know of was better than Theodor Seuss Geisel. Few today know how political Dr. Suess or (Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991) Thanks to Richard H. Minear for his site about the WWII cartoons and a little about this great cartoonist.


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One-Line Bio

I am James Wilson McKinstry but better known as “Grandpa Jim” or once upon a time “Little Jimmy”, but does it matter? Many people perceive me to be one way while others see me another. However I am more than that, I am me!


I was born in an old farm house not far from Knoxville, Iowa. I now go by the nick name of Grandpa Jim. When I was a child my nickname was little Jimmy.

I am in the begining stages of writing about Little Jimmy - from birth to the fat old man I am today.

Keep dropping back to visit. I will place a few pages of my life. However I will not tell it all.

My wife Rosie_Sweet_Lips is the best thing that ever happened to this old man. We were both married before and between the two of us we have 9 children and at last count about 36 grandchildren. Today we are being blessed with great grandchildren.

Today we are trying to return to a few walks, drives, picnics. Our working in the yard and gardens are still our favorite things we do together. Yet, one day we know this pleasure will be no more.

I share with you in these albums are part of our life. These albums are a sorting ground for myself and Rosemary. From this web site I will be able to sort and condense into CD's and DVDs. I do hope you enjoy and I repeat do not abuse what I share.

Thank you James Wilson McKinstry


genealogy, woodworking, gardens and yard with a little fishing. creating family videos. now i am trying to get this weblog off and running.